Financial Dogma services are offered in packaged solutions for clients who want an ongoing relationship or a la carte — it is up to you. You can mix and match services as you please and always know the cost before you proceed.

Financial Dogma is proud to be a locally owned business. Financial Dogma maintains good relationships with local animal rescue organizations and a portion of our proceeds are donated to dog rescues, ASPCA, and animal-related charities. Ethan Quirin, the founder of Financial Dogma, is also a member of the Chester County Bar Association.


Dogs rule! Together we can make a difference for dog and dog owners

Your value as an investor is not determined by the size of your investment account

Financial advice should be pragmatic, goals-based, unbiased, and delivered free from any conflicts of interest

Financial services should be delivered in a friendly, non-judgmental, and timely manner

Clients should know ahead of time exactly what services they purchase and how much they cost


To continuously celebrate and honor dogs, the joy they create and the good deeds they do while in service in all capacities, as well as celebrate and honor those who do good deeds for dogs. 

To improve the buying experience of financial services for dog enthusiasts in an effort to deliver practical and friendly advice, leveraging technology to increase convenience, that builds personal wealth, minimizes risk and allows for the most informed financial decisions.

Meet Our Founder

"Financial Dogma was inspired by my wife and five kids – two of the human variety and three of the canine variety. They provide me with a unique perspective on how to think about goals while creating practical rules and guidelines to achieve them. This helps make meeting those goals fun and ultimately achievable. Because Financial Dogma continues to be inspired by my kids and dogs, both educating and giving back to canine charities are core values that are central to our brand’s mission."
— Ethan Quirin
CEO and Founder

Meet Our Team

Kevin J. Murphy, CRPC® Certified Financial Fiduciary®

Philip Saponaro
Financial Advisor

306 Lighthouse Road • Wilmington, DE 19809